10,000 Calorie Speedflex Challenge

At 7am on Monday 13th January, Ivan commenced one of his toughest and arguably most insane challenges for CHUF.

Joined by Ben Shephard and rugby star Tom May, the plan was to train continuously at Speedflex Jesmond until they had burned 10,000 calories... Each!

Ben, Tom and Ivan, taking on the 10,000 Calorie Challenge!The boys thought it would take 12-14 hours with each session demanding heart rates in excess of 80-85% of their maximum.

Completing one session at Speedflex is tough and will burn around 750-800 calories in 45 minutes. Attempting to train continuously until you have burned 10,000 calories is unheard of and will push all three of us to our physical and psychological limits!

Unfortunately Tom had to stop after 10 hours to catch a flight, but in that time he burnt a stunning 7,847 calories. The lads surged on into the night and reached their goal around 9pm, some 14 hours after they started.


BBC Radio Newcastle Total Sport interview

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This challenge would not have been possible without everyone at Speedflex Newcastle. They provided every element of support we could have hoped for and we are eternally grateful to them.

SpeedFlex Jesmond