Coast to Coast Run.... Walk or Cycle

Saturday 31st July to Wednesday 4th August 2010

Coast to Coast logoA gruelling and arduous task to say the least. 145 miles in 5 days! 5 runners! on this charity run, boys definitely turned into men!

  • Ivan Hollingsworth - Seb's daddy.
  • Ben Shephard - ex-GMTV presenter and new face of Sky Sports. He must have a screw missing for joining us!
  • Andy Roberts - Ethan's daddy.
  • Steve Bilton - Love machine!
  • Russ Marks – Cockney sparrow or should that be legs of a sparrow?

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Our hardcore group were joined at various points along the route which culminated with around 30 runners leaving the Freeman hospital on Wednesday 4th August to complete the final leg home to Tynemouth. It really was a sight for sore eye's to see the pack round the corner past Tynemouth Priory before being cheered by a rapturous crowd onto the beach and down into the sea.

I handed Seb to Ivan for the final leg (dressed in his Buzz Lightyear superhero outfit); he just laughed his head off holding onto his daddy - it was literally the proudest moment of my life!

The runners at the end of the raceOur guys really couldn't have made it without the help and support from the whole team.
Seb's Grandpa Norman and his Godfather Peter Norgate took control of one vehicle, whilst our close friend Sarah Jones joined Seb and I in the other car. If anyone says we took the easy option, I would just like to say - look at the photo of the inside of my car in our photo gallery just below, Sarah had to sit in that chaos every day. We also had to drive VERY slowly trying not to run any of the boys over. Oh, and make sure we kept them going in the right direction!!!

So, you would think this would have been enough? Chat round the breakfast table on Thursday 5th August - "How can we make it better/ harder next year?"

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