C2C Ball

Thursday 5th August 2010

the encore dance troupeOver 400 guests joined us at the Hilton for our charity ball to celebrate the successful completion of the C2C Run!

Ben Shephard managed to roll himself onto the stage to host the evening and 'literally' lost his shirt during the grand auction. The fabulous Denise Welch squeezed over £8000 out of our guests as well as Ben out of his clothes - it was all in the name of charity.

Guests were entertained during the drinks reception and meal by the mind blowing magical skills of Paul Lytton (who was very kindly gifted by Exceed Communications); and dazzled by Encore's gorgeous dancers with Las Vegas and Bollywood routines throughout the evening

The event really was more than we could have dreamed of, and with the Hilton quoting it as their biggest event this year we are well and truly 'Chuffed'!

We will update the final total as soon as we have it but early indications are £30,000 to be split between CHUF and CF Trust.

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